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charts_and_maps's Journal

Charts and Maps
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Maps and charts are the focus here.
We live in the "information age," and are in fact overwhelmed with data that's impossible to understand. Computer science, statistical analysis, cartography and graphic design now provide us with the tools to visualize all data in a quick and fun way. This is the community where you can post maps, charts and infographics: all in an effort to understand the world around us. It's not always political information, it can be about cultural information, or hard science! But the important thing is to have fun.

Direct linking of images of images can be bad, because webspages can be routinely removed from servers (especially any news content). Photobucket is NOT recommended as a good image hosting service because they limit bandwidth for each image.

It's strongly suggested you use http://www.tinypic.com as your image hosting service. It's free and you will not be placed on any mailing lists. The Livejournal Scrapbook feature is also a good place to right click and save any images you want to post here. This comes with your Livejournal account and you can access it by going to the toolbar, then profile, then scroll to "Scrapbook."